Strata Development

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Providing expert plumbing infrastructure planning

Over the last 35 years, we have helped hundreds of Perth developers design plumbing systems for strata complexes.

We can assist with all facets of strata based plumbing for new installations. Lupica Plumbing & Drainage is very experienced with installing Water Corporation approved sub divisions for vacant lots.

Green Titles

Water Corporation Compliant

If you are developing a property and the new blocks are to be green titled. It is likely that you will be required to provide an additional Sewer Junction.

The Water Corporation requires a Licensed Plumber to excavate the Ministers Sewer in accordance with their safety requirements. Once this excavation is complete, Lupica Plumbing & Drainage will make the necessary applications for a new Sewer Junction, which will be installed.

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Sewer Main Extensions

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When designing a new sub division or extending an existing stage, a sewer extension might be required. Lupica Plumbing & Drainage can assist with the design and construction of sewer main extensions.

Stormwater Systems

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Designing and building an effective stormwater system for your subdivision is extremely important. An effective stormwater management system will ensure that water is safely directed into existing sewer system so that the water cannot cause any problems with buildings or structures.

Once our clients obtain local Council approval on their design plan, Lupica Plumbing & Drainage can manage the stormwater system installation.